Screw up. Stand out. | 21.09.2017

It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. This concerns nearly every aspect of life. But if the mistakes make people smarter, aren’t they actually great food for the creative mind? Don’t you enjoy watching all these videos on youtube showing misfortune or simply bad luck of someone? Why this state of the highest imperfection put these videos among the most viewed on internet?

Undoubtedly, fine art has developed dramatically by acknowledging mistakes and imperfection as the source of development. The same rule applies to the creative branch. Thanks to increasingly intuitive and supportive applications, creating a correct and “perfect” product seems to be more and more effortless. And being pixel-perfect and correct doesn’t create automatically wow-effect anymore. There is more often need for something more. And in this case, we can say that faulty one can bring better results than perfect but predictable one.

This is the key outcome from the latest Erik Krammer’s book – „Failed it!“. He’s one of the founders of legendary Kassel&Krammer agency based in Amsterdam. His book is a pocket-friendly mini manifesto strongly enhanced visually. I hope this little lecture can allow anyone frustrated with the pursuit of perfectionism to go through short therapy and look differently at what they’re into nowadays.

Imperfection is the source of undiscovered possibilities.
We should learn to rediscover its potential.

Link to the book